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Do you know someone with REALLY bad teeth?

I know someone with brown teeth.

Do you know someone with REALLY bad teeth?
oh, yea!!!!!!!!!! i can remember when i was in 6th grade i had a teacher that would drink coffee ALL day long, every day, and always had it with her where she went. Well, i had her for my very last class and as you can imagine her breath stunk HORRIBLE by that time. But while she was talking you could look at her teeth and see that they were a grayish brown color at the very tops of her teeth, right next to the gums. It TOTALLY grossed me out!!!!!!!!! YUCK!!!!!!!!!!
Reply:Yuck, really they're brown?
Reply:GROOOOOOSS! i know some with bad teeth but not THAT bad.

Mine are yellowish, not brown, but still, my teeth are worse than anyone else i know :(
Reply:My orthodontist.

His teeth are terrible, bad advertising if you ask me....
Reply:Yes. Austin Powers.
Reply:EWWW brown teeth woah they must really be lazy to brush there teeth or maby it was just chocolate covering it but i doubt that. I have bad teeth because they're just crooked but it's not that bad as having brown teeth
Reply:Yes i do its no nasty how they don't brush them! all that yellowness is horrible and it makes there breath stink!
Reply:Yes and I tried not to stare at there mouth too much.
Reply:MIKE MEYERS!!!! lol no affence to him! lol

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Would you date a guy with bad teeth even if he were cute?

It amazes me how many nice looking guys don't know where the dentist office. Well there are some gals too. Oral hygeine is so important. There is nothing nastier than rotten teeth.

Would you date a guy with bad teeth even if he were cute?
Reply:ahh tell me about out

maybe there just too dang lazy =/
Reply:As long as he doesn't have bad breath
Reply:as for your question i would still go out with the guy if he is that interesting or can really amaze me with the way he speaks his mind, but he is just cute and really had bad teeth and no personality at all i need not waste my time
Reply:I agree with you!!!!!!!!!
Reply:I agree,i know this one guy at a fast food place and i thought he was so cute,and then he smiled,his teeth were like brownish! Ewwwk
Reply:No way!
Reply:only if that date came with proof of a dentist appointment!
Reply:No, I'm not interest at all.
Reply:Only if he had a cute personality.. you can always help him with his oral hygiene after you get a "cute and close enough that you wont offend him" relationship..

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Why do the British characteristically have bad teeth?

The stereotype exists and often seems to be true that the British seem to have more crooked teeth than people from other regions.. Why is this?

Why do the British characteristically have bad teeth?
it's in their DNA... their traits/characteristics.... like why do some people have curly hair and others straight....
Reply:It's not 'bad' teeth. It's like, necessary to enunciate the way they do....just don't know man...
Reply:If you remember the book/film "mutiny on the bounty" you will remember that the crew mutinied, and ended up on a place called pitcairn island in the pacific - oddly enough this gave scientists a while back the chance to study an interesting phenomena - see, all of the people who lived on the island were descendants of Fletcher Christian - and they all had lousy teeth - which told the scientists the propensity of teeth to decay was genetic. A large portion of people of British Descent have a gene expression which causes the ph of thier saliva to be "less defensive" when it comes to bacteria - which means that the bacteria that causes tooth decay has a "one up" in thier mouths.

Read it in Smithsonian Magazine a while ago - they are pretty good when it comes to scientific and historical reporting.
Reply:I believe that for a while there was the cultural attitude of "teeth are going to fall out no matter what, so why bother taking care of them?" Hence less dentists/orthodontists, hence generally bad teeth.

At least that's what I've heard, I don't know if it's true or not.
Reply:The British seem to have bad teeth for the same reason Americans have bad manners. Because people start stupid rumours. Besides isn't it better to have crooked teeth than NO TEETH!!
Reply:Bad diet

Too many chip butties and pies

Also lack of sunlight means less vit D an essential aid to calcium(CaCo3)-the stuff teeth are made of.

Lack of good fruit and vegs(c vits and biofavoniods) has weakened their gums

Also the British come from fairly weak genetic stock. They couldn't even hang onto the Ashes for 15 months
Reply:I find this question quite rude, considering my mother is british.

She has amazing teeth, perfectly straight and white. Some have discolored teeth from drinking tea, which stains your teeth if you do not clean it off properly. Mind you, braces aren't as popular in England as in America.

Happy Holidays. :)
Reply:well that is a bit of a generalisation! it's just like saying why are the Americans, stereotypically, obese.

i'm british and i dont have bad teeth, neither does any of family or friends. We're just not like the americans, we dont feel the need to have every inch of our body perfect. British people have their own minds too; they know what is good for themselves and dont feel pressured into doing what somebody else feels is right for them. If i think it's right to brush my teeth 4 times a day, after every meal then ill do that, if my mum wants to brush her teeth twice a day then she'll do that. We just all have our own opinion on's what makes us British.

Buuut with the American invasion, we're getting all the characteristics of you guys and we're all into perfect teeth now. It's just a mini USA now, but without the perkiness.

i feel like scrooge, i love americans really its just we're different and thats it.
Reply:bad and false diet
Reply:When a comment is made that British come from a Weak Gene pool what nationality are you from as if your Australian then you descend from a criminal background which I why your ancestors ended up in Australia in the first place. If you’re from USA you are also probably from Britain or maybe Italy if you’re unlucky enough

also in usa you pay for all your work from birth in Uk we Have the NHS so they are not putting braces on every Child to make a buck or 2 also there are studies that say your teeth will go back to there original form after time. You look at Tom Cruise great smile after having caps fitted 3 or 4 times

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Why do American think Brits have bad teeth?

We don`t live in castles just because you don`t know your own history stop assuming about ours. We do have doctors dentists and I just don`t get this teeth thing at all. I should point out its called English because it comes from England duh

Why do American think Brits have bad teeth?
Most Americans don't think this way, they are EDUCATED. Some of the answers on here are hilarious, I must thank Apple for those sweet comments about us! Why do all the nasty people have to come on here and spout vitriol? This is a perfectly straightforward question that requires an honest answer. The media and films portray us as having bad teeth and some of the uneducated masses have decided that it must be true. Now don't think I'm making all Americans out to be illiterate bumpkins, just the bigoted few. Just for the record, I have good teeth, my husband has good teeth and our children have good teeth. What else can I say except WE DON'T ALL HAVE BAD TEETH, and in case you weren't aware, Austin Powers was a fictitional character dreamed up by an American and played by a Canadian.
Reply:Well when you have a candy shop on every corner that helps to keep Brits with bad teeth. Your candy is really good and your public health sucks and looks like we may be more like you guys and gals soon.
Reply:Maybe you don't, but we get pbs, we see quite a few Brits that haven't seen a dentist in a quite a while, if ever. These are current actors so I'm sure it's not a history thing. Look around you more I'm sure you'll see it's pretty clear.

Sorry, you asked.
Reply:Have you not seen Austin Powers baby... those teeth are hideous...
Reply:Brits and europeans in general has the worst teeth, however that doesn't mean Americans have the best, I have lived in both countries and I've seen ugly teeth as anywhere else in the world
Reply:because its protrayed that way on television and for us who have not been to England i guess we just associate it with some place we've never been or know about. Ya know Austin Powers..well thats one brit that tv protrays with bad teeth. America and almost anywhere else believes too much of what they see on tv. Dont let it bother from the south....we get sterotyped as rednecks, trailor trash, and inbred.....none of that is true...well at least some of us arent..haha..anyways everywhere u go youre gonna find someone thinking things are like they are not because someone said something one day and people started believing it.
Reply:i thought it was because Brits do not have fluoridated water, and teeth were noticeably yellow.

However I think these differences are now a thing of the past.
Reply:other side is green
Reply:I'm not sure where the rumor came from, i think that it has something to do with the candy there or something. You don't have to get all fussy about it either, i know that the English don't all have bad teeth nor do you live in castles. Not everybody is that stupid.
Reply:Do they?

I did not know that!
Reply:Americans are stereotypical.And think they are better than everybody else.My opinion.Don't hate me
Reply:Americans think? Thanks for that.
Reply:I personally dont think that and I'm American. I think it really depends on who wants to take care of their doesnt matter where they live
Reply:Come now - it's only a stereotype. Stereotypes exist so we can laugh at the others while we ignore our own faults. Not all American women have blond hair and huge knockers either. There are still some English people who live in a castle, like the Windsors. You are always welcome in my castle for a cup of tea.
Reply:It's not just the Yanks...the state of dental health amongst us Brits is a world joke. Latterly picked upon by the Yanks in such films as "Whoops My Botty Farty and My Dentures fell Out." I know many Scandinavians that also take the piss out of British teeth.

Having said that, you won't hear a word said against our teeth state of affairs in such as the nether regions of Turkey where you have toothless old women cackling at the thought of entering the EU.

Hope that helps.

Reply:Well, Candy, "Tea Time", its a joke, but the real reason is that whenever you see any Brits on TV one of which Tony Blair (its not just him that gives the stereotype) When I saw him on TV I knew he was British before I knew he was the prime minister (Teeth) haha, sorry but its not just him he is one of many If you ever see Americans teeth overall they are white and overall when Americans see British/Irish Teeth they are brownish. I don't like being cruel or creating stereotypes I'm sure there are many Brits with good WHITE teeth but overall whenever I meet or the average American meets a Brit or and Irish they have brown teeth. Don't say im ignorant, stuiped, "Don't know my history", whatever I'm not. Im not trying to be mean but the main reason is almost every Brit we(Americans) meet has brown teeth not white. Maybe you go to the Dentist maybe you dont ( Many Americans dont either)

This is my input


Or your way Cheero (like the Ceral I eat at breakfast) :)
Reply:Shut your mouth limey! We kicked your asses in World War II! Just remember that!
Reply:You can thank the media for that. No country has the perfect teeth or the worse teeth. It just depends on the person.

Reply:From what I've seen in the media and on here I think Americans are obsessed with having perfect, unlife like teeth. crooked and or slightly yellow teeth does not necessarily equal unhealthy teeth. What's wrong with Tony Blair's teeth? I don't get it. Personally I would far rather see a little imperfection and character in a person's teeth, than really perfect looking, plastic type teeth.
Reply:I thought it was the other way around, that ppl with the worse teeth are those in America
Reply:You do have nasty teeth. My teeth unlike yours are naturally straight . Most of you are distant relatives to royalty and they did inbreed.

Plant question

Why do Brits and Japanese have such bad teeth?

Do they just not care about teeth? Are they not told how to brush their teeth 3x a day?

I don't get it.

I've been to both places, and the stereotypes absolutely are true.


Why do Brits and Japanese have such bad teeth?
it's not true. problems with teeth are apparent in all countries, all the same. and japs have perfect teeth, by the way. where did you go- to the club and met some meth users??
Reply:I can only speak for British people but the bare facts are there are very little NHS dentists nowadays and people cannot afford to pay for costly private treatment.

I am lucky to have been with my present dentist for many years but others have to travel to other cities and some cannot find one to take them on!
Reply:I've never noticed their teeth....but a lot of us americans have some very bad looking teeth.
Reply:its because they probably arent as educated about brushing teeth. and maybe the food over there is all made with straight sugar. thats what i think.
Reply:idk but it's true

i'm mexican and i have the best freakin teeth in the world it rocks havin good teeth

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Do some Americans really think we have bad teeth?

In an episode of "The Simpsons" a dentist shows Ralf a book of British smiles, all of which are terrible. This must be based on an American stereotype, so why does it exist. We have very good teeth in the UK, in fact, we might have the best teeth in Europe.

Do some Americans really think we have bad teeth?
It is sad but true, many Americans believe the British have "bad" teeth. I think it is because some of the British people we have seen have really yellow teeth. I know that is not the case as I have several friends in the UK. It is also believed ( I don't know if it is true or not ), that flouride is not added to the water in the UK as it is here in the US. It just shows the ignorance and misconceptions that people get carried away with.
Reply:I couldn't give a f- what the americans think.
Reply:We don't have Hollywood teeth, which is what they're probably poking fun at (Hollywood, not us).
Reply:Yes it's a stereotype that some of them think is true. After all our stereotype of them is that they are all insular and know nothing about the outside world! Oh !
Reply:My teeth are appalling. Mind you I had a heavy amphetamine habit in the nineties.
Reply:American have some very strange ideas about Europe. I saw one being interviewed on what was the best thing about London and she said the Eiffel Tower!! DUH
Reply:I think they do. On Family Guy (greatest show ever btw) the english ones always have crappy teeth.

Hey, its only a bit of fun tho. We portray americans as fat slobs, so they get what they give :)
Reply:You could have stopped your question at "think"...

Of course many Brits have bad teeth - its partly due to: crap like Coca Cola, Pepsi, etc...
Reply:They do have this stigma attached to us that we have bad teeth I even thought about weather my teeth were perfect before I went over there!. But when I went to the states I saw allot of people whose teeth weren't great so I figured it's the same everywhere the best cosmetic dentistry isn't affordable for all %26amp; people that can't afford the best Dentist don't have the best teeth (unless they don't need dental work).
Reply:It's a stereotype. And like most stereotypes, it has little truth. Personally I have very good dental hygiene and nice white teeth. But then again I do brush them 2 or 3 times a day. But then I know people who have awful teeth. I've seen Americans on TV, some with good teeth, some with bad teeth. The Simpson's is good for a laugh, but that's all it is, I wouldn't be too offended by it if I were you.
Reply:I think the only teeth you can be accountable for are your teeth. What ever you see in a cartoon should be just that...a cartoon! Just folly!
Reply:I think it's based on old film references from the 60's %26amp; 70's.

As a way to combat tooth decay, the Uk brought in Flouride to the water system back in the late seventies/early eighties.

Even today, I have been to the States, and have seen plenty of Americans with bad teeth. Mind you none compare to some of the Eastern Block teeth.

I believe it's generally termed as a class thing. Upper/middle classes now have better teeth. Lower classes have worse teeth. It also costs a lot of money to get teeth like the ones in Hollywood.. Very few are real, and they all get painted regularly. No-ones teeth are that white naturally.
Reply:Wouldn't worry about things certain though .....we havent got enough teeth to fill their gobs!
Reply:The british booze and smoke too much. And they eat too many sweets. That could be the reason for many having bad teeth.
Reply:At least you have teeth. Alot of Americans from the South do not.
Reply:You really shouldn't base your worldview on cartoon shows.
Reply:It's as stereotypical as us thinking that all americans are lard a r s e s! i think we have a point :O)
Reply:I think every country in the world refers to the british as people with bad teeth.

I was in the middle of East Africa once and had that said to me by a local!
Reply:NO, It's a comical stereotype occasionally used in entertainment (i.e. Austin Powers)

We know there is no legitimate basis for it.

Don't flatter yourselves, I don't know a soul that has ever cared enough to make fun of a Brit's teeth.
Reply:There was some study a few years back that purported that the British have poor dental hygiene. I did not see the Simpsons episode but perhaps that's the reason for the parody.
Reply:lol. Yes. Sorry. But you guys think all 300 million of us are stupid and obese, so....ya know. :/

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Keeping it simple: i got bad teeth: looking for dentist that does pro bono work n san marcos or austin,tx help

i want a new whole mouth, but cannot afford it.. i've heard that some dentist does pro bono work.. it would be nice for a dentist to understand why i need a whole new mouth ( bad teeths) and it would boost my morale and self esteem looking for such dentist in san marcos,tx or austin anyone got any suggestion..?

Keeping it simple: i got bad teeth: looking for dentist that does pro bono work n san marcos or austin,tx help
Pro bono is a legal term, essentially meaning "for free." While lawyers may do pro bono work to ingratiate themselves with the community, the only dentists I know that do pro bono are the ones in dental schools. You will need to research the web for your area for dental schools. The upside is that they will do the dental work for free. The downside is that they are not yet dentists -- you will have rookies playing around in your mouth. Most likely, the rookies will do just fine and you will have your self esteem. But pro bono is a legal term, not a dentistry ethic.
Reply:How about this for simple? sell your computer and pay for your new teeths instead of looking for a handout.
Reply:Pro-bono is the fancy word for free. You want free work done. People are hardpressed to do free work. I would suggest making an appointment with a cosmetic dentist. If he sees how bad you situation, maybe he/she will be willing to work something out. Possibly, do things in phases and you can pay as you go. I've been to some pretty cool dentists in my area that are willing to work with their patients. I'm sure your area would be the same. And if you have to, look outside of your area. So make many appointment until you find someone who will cut you some slack. Make sure you tell them you are a cash customer.

Have you tried getting a job with dental benefits. If braces will help, make sure the orthodontics coverage is a good one.

Good luck.

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