Sunday, August 2, 2009

Why do meth heads have bad teeth?

What is it about meth that rots your teeth? Also, I've heard that it might even put holes in your cheeks. Is there any truth to this?

Why do meth heads have bad teeth?
Meth only rots your teeth if you smoke it. Just like crack. It destroys the enamel that protect your teeth from decay, therefore, your teeth are more suceptible to cavities. Also, meth makes you grind your teeth ALOT, so, you can also break them or lose them altogether due to the combination of decay AND grinding them daily.
Reply:I'm not completely sure but it has to do with one of the chemicals that eats out and destroys the enamel in ur teeth and with out the enamel, ur teeth will decay fast
Reply:Meth, both methadone %26amp; methadrine, makes ya grind your teeth!

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