Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Can bad teeth make you sick?

Can having bad teeth make you feel wore down and not like yourself?

Can bad teeth make you sick?
Yes. Your teeth are in your mouth close to your sinuses and brain as well as the arteries to the heart. Believe it or not, good teeth hygiene is good for the heart! Take care of those teeth.
Reply:bad teeth are bad for your body, I think it's really bad
Reply:well it's all to do with hygiene if you have good hygiene your healthy,but poor hyginene makes you get all sorts of infections. the lesson is look after your teeth you only get one set of 'em.
Reply:Definetly. Who knows how many infections you have in your unclean mouth? Ask any dentist.
Reply:Bad teeth? No. Can they lead to infection of the gums? Yes. Will that make you sick? Yes. They can also bring down your self-esteem if you're insecure with it, so that could make you feel worn down.
Reply:Yes my mom had to have all her teeth out so she would stop having headaches
Reply:absolutely, it can also make you prone to headaches, there's a connection with dental hygiene and how you feel. I hate the dentist, went yesterday for a cleaning, otherwise I get really bad headaches. If you don't take care of your teeth you can get a bad infection that could spread to your body.
Reply:the ancient Egyptians died from abscessed teeth. The infection can enter your blood stream and make you VERY sick if not treated.


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