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I have really bad teeth what are my options other than dentures?

Due to a really bad past with drugs my teeth are now rotten what are my options other than dentures? I really do not want the incovience of dentures but HAVE to do something. I am in constant pain and really sick of it any advice?

I have really bad teeth what are my options other than dentures?
The best thing to do is go to the dentist for a consultation to discuss your options.Keep in mind that full mouth implants will cost about$30,000 and dentures will cost anywhere from $1100 to $4000 depending where you go.
Reply:At the bare minimum you are probably looking at getting a partial, depending on how many teeth you have left that are in good shape. However if they are all bad you are looking at dentures. Implants are a possibility but they are around $3000.00 per implant.
Reply:I know several people with dentures and they don't mind them at all, also I have seen some horror stories about caps and other things that cover your real teeth.
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I don't know the exact name of the procedure, but I would deffinately check with your dentist. They may us Porcelein fittings. I could be wrong. I highly advise you to check with your dental hygenist.
Reply:Ask your dentist about implants. It is more expensive, but you wouldn't have to take them in %26amp; out.

Watch out for root canals - they turn your teeth into "peanut brittle". You can put a cap on to protect it but those can crack or break. Once the tooth breaks, it could shatter (like mine did) and have to be removed in pieces.
Reply:you could try porcelain veneers
Reply:If you are truly past your drug history, are generally healthy (i.e. no uncontrolled diabetes, don't smoke), and are willing to commit to caring for your mouth in the future implants can provide a wonderful restorative option. Implants can support dentures, but they can also support individual crowns (caps) and fixed bridges. Your dentist should take necessary xrays and perform a variety of other studies and measurements to determine if you are a candidate for implants. In some instance the dentist may be able to remove the tooth and place an implant at the same visit, but sometimes some time may be needed to allow infection to resolve. Interim dentures may help with appearance until the implants can be placed and the crowns placed. If implants are something you are considering make sure when you have your teeth removed site preservation efforts are undertaken (i.e. bone grafting.) Approaching your future dental treatment in a comprehensive manner with your dental goals in mind can more predictably yield these results. Also be direct with your dentist about your drug abuse past. Costs can add up with implant restorations, but many dentist offer financing options to make good things happen. Good luck.
Reply:i dont think this is a place to advice u anything

the best thing u can do is..consult ur dentist n tell him that u dont want any dentures

he ll study ur case n advice u the best for u

u selection is an important part of treatment n that can only be done after examining the case
Reply:i would suggest going and getting evaulated by your dentist. first you hafta see what is worth saving. hopefully your back teeth or canines haven't sufferred too much.

i am glad you are trying to take control of your health

it is a great step

if he can- i would hope to go with partials. inconvenient is true but more stable than full dentures

good luck

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