Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Can i join the army with bad teeth? i will probably need dentures?

i am 23 male fit in shape but bad teeth from youth. my bottom is ok, top is getting worse and my molors and wisdom teeth are gone. will the army pay for dentures and still send me out to sea? i hope so. im also a ged holder but smart. just made bad choices when younger. i have no crimminal history. i know i can get by meps but will i get dq at camp? i really want to join 4 me and my family (2kids-wife) my father is a vietnam war vet with a purple heart. any answers will be very helpfull for my military future. thank you all.

Can i join the army with bad teeth? i will probably need dentures?
They prolly would, but the Army doesn't go to sea. The navy you mean? The term you are probably looking for is Military. The army doesn't care if you have bad teeth I think although they will fix them. All ya ned is to be able to talk so u can go to war lol.
Reply:They should..but you will get physical first..and they will look at your mouth......
Reply:Do you plan on biting the enemy? If so, get dentures. Don't forget the polygrip!
Reply:A wife and two kids, and you want to go into the military? Things must be pretty rough in the bushit economy!

The army doesn't care about teeth. THey want warm bodies to send to Iraq. You shouldn't have any problem getting them to accept you and send you there. Just keep in mind, once you sign the paper, you can be turned into a grunt in no time. You and your wife better have some really serious talks before you do this. Iraq is not a video game.

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  1. It has been a while since you posted this, and I would like to know how things worked out for you. Hope all is well!


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